Europa 1992 - Was bringen die Europäischen Regelwerke für Bildschirm-Arbeitsplätze?

Buchcover Europäische Regelwerke
Cakir, A.; Cakir, G. (eds.)

ERGONOMIC, Berlin, 1991


EU-Directive 90/270/EEC, Article 100a, Article 118a, software ergonomics, conformity, work safety law, DSE-Directive

The proceedings contain all papers given on a conference on the EU-legislation on safety and health, held in Karlsruhe, Germany (Sept. 26 and 27, 1991). This conference served the purpose of discussing the EU-legislation on safety and health and its adoption into German law. In addition, the role of ISO 9241 in this context was discussed.

All 12 speakers of the conference have either been involved in the progress of the legislation and standardization or in their adoption into German law oder German standardization.

The conference was the first (and biggest) of its kind. It has informed a broad audience on the the transition of rights and duties of employers and workers under the new legislation.
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