Lectures on Software-Ergonomics

For the topics „Software-Ergonomics“ and „Usability“ we offer 15 lectures with an overall duration of about three days. Any of the lectures outlined below can be completed with lectures for specific topics, e.g. application of ergonomic principles on hardware or machines.
Software-Ergonomics lack a clear definition and outline for practical applications. The goals of it remain diffuse. Most people in practice fail in applying the principles. This lecture introduces a clear definition and feasible goals for practical applications.
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Software-Ergonomics is directly related to health and safety issues. Since software designers are seldom health and safety experts, this lecture transforms relevant knowledge for the designers as well as the designers perspective for health and safety people.
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Usability is a quality concept related to the features of work systems for the user (operator). The relevant definition for usability was published in ISO 9241-11. This lecture outlines the concept and explains why an evaluation of software independent of the context of use is meaningless.
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Health and safety experts are not software designers, however, the legislation at least within the EU provides them with the right to request that work systems shall comply with legal requirements. This chapter describes realistic goals for health and safety.
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Software-Ergonomics is closely related to economics of computer use. An ergonomic design of work systems does not only satisfy users, but also the needs of their organizations. This lecture illuminates the relationship between ergonomics and economics.
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Efficient navigation in the oceans of information constitutes the most relevant feature of the user interface of systems. To pave the way from browsing nescience to the relevant piece of information is the most challenging task for ergonomics, as described in this lecture.
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Information design is the skill and the art of making data visible and intelligible. Just transforming a plain text to a table may offer fully new insights while creating a graphic out of it may boost the impact of a piece of information. This lecture is an introduction in information design.
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In many countries legal provisions suggest goals for systems design for health and safety of computer users. The first legislation including software ergonomics was the Directive 90/270/EEC from the year 1990. This lecture describes the provisions and their relationship to standards.
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Even decades after the introduction of multimedia, text still counts for most human-computer-interaction in working life. Computers display and print text on screens or physical media. This lectures deals with specific problems of text on electronic displays.
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