ERGONOMIC Institute is source of many hundred publications in German and international languages (English, French, Italian) on scientific findings, practical solutions or actual topics.

In addition, the Institute acts as a publisher for a limited number of publications, also on media such as CD-ROM and on the Internet. The Internetforum „CyberLux“ publishes papers and presentations (e.g. online or Powerpoint versions of conference proceedings) related to light and lighting and their impact on humans in English and German languages.

One of the most influential publications of ERGONOMIC was „Light and Health“ (1990 in German, 1991 in English, both with full online versions) has ignited a new era in lighting engineering with most congresses in the area offering at least one sessions dedicated to this topic, and some important events focusing on this theme.

In the following, some of the most important publications are listed and briefly introduced:

• Books/Reports/Related publications
• Congress proceedings
• Contributions to books

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