Infos related to our topics from various sources

The ERGONOMIC Institute offers a variety of information related to our topics but not necessarily created by us. E.g. through the ILO Encyclopaedia visitors of our website get a direct link to articles written by 2.000 specialists and related to our topic health and safety. Another very valuable source is the database hyperphysics related to light and color. Since this topic attracts special interest from various groups of visitors, we offer the related info on a separate website ( Similarly, infos related to light and health and safety are located in the website „“.
__ Here are some links to sources dealing with usability. These links are updated from time to time, but not periodically.
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__ User´s Award is a novel approach for labeling software considered usable and useful in real work environments. Read more on the idea …
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Usability and Quality of Everyday Products

__ Products planned to make life easier and more pleasant sometimes fail and result in the opposite. The lawn sprinkler may spill some of its water over the user, and the remote control of a TV-set may open the door of the garage instead of switching the device. One can write nice stories to laugh about - or find methods to avoid that the design of products fail their targets.
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