We focus on ergonomics of computerized work and the tools needed for it. The main area of our interest is the design of the tools such as input devices or software as well as the context of their use, i.e. design and organization of the workplace, use environment and the user.

This page deals with topics we have been dealing with for long periods of time. These topics are likely to remain interesting despite the fact that numerous studies with the focus on them have been published. We assume that not only years but decades will pass before we can file and forget them.

These topics include e.g.
• Light and health
• Natural and artificial lighting
• Usability
• Standards on working with computers
• Design of computer input and output devices
• Noise emission of computers and tools

We have been actively involved in the organization of the international scientific congresses „WWDU Work With Display Units“ (since 2003 WWCS Work With Computer Systems“ since 1989. Two out of seven congresses of this series were organized by our institute in collaboration with two German technical universities.

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