Das Datensichtgerät als Arbeitsmittel I

Armbruster, A.; Cakir, A. (eds.)

ERGONOMIC, Berlin, 1979

Bildschirm, Bildschirmgerät, Ergonomie, Screening-Test, psychische Belastung, Fremdbestimmung, Dequalifizierung, Arbeitssoziologie, Software Ergonomie

The proceedings of the ERGONOMIC conference on the use of computer terminals as tools contain the papers of the conference from September 27 to 28, 1979, as well as the transcript of all discussions. The specialty of this conference was that participants had been invited such that interested parties (users, employers, union representatives, researchers, manufacturers) were represented as groups of almost equivalent size. In addition, the speakers had been invited to represent the respective parties. For the discussion, at least 50 % of the time given to the speaker was reserved. The congress had been planned as a real forum for discussions, not just for presenting papers.

From today´s perspective, the most interesting event of the conference was the introduction of software ergonomics as part of the health and safety discussion. This event can be seen as the advent of a very fruitful discussion on human computer interaction. Some legal requirements of the EU-Directive 90/270/EEC, those on „operator/computer interface“, are outcome of this discussion. Also other topics of the conference ( e.g. design of the workstation, training of workers, risks to eyesight, physical problems and problems of mental stress, daily work routine and breaks) have found their way into the European health and safety legislation.
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