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Our research focus lies on IT-products and human work with them. We offer our services to private companies as well as to state agencies or public service. We are happy to join collaborative projects with partners from research and practice.
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We conduct research projects of different length depending on the subject. The common goal of all research activities is achieving benefits for human work in the sense of Jastrzebowski, the founder of ergonomics, „… a separate science in order to obtain the best with the least efforts with the highest satisfaction for the own and public welfare and by acting fair with regard to the own conscience and others.“ (First definition and setting goals for ergonomics in the year 1857).
Some research activities of the Institute have been initiated by ourselves for different reasons. For example, the long-term study „Light and Health“ that has commenced more than 20 years ago is an own initiative because at that time no institution was interested in this topic. The only organization with some interest in supporting such a project, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, had offered a sum around 100.000 $ whereas our plans for the initiation of a pilot project required about the double of this sum. Wide interest in this topic came following the publication of the first report in 1990. To finance this project with more than 4.800 subjects was possible because of studies we perform for companies deliver both technical data on lighting and evaluations by users at almost no cost. The method of conducting lighting related studies without focusing on lighting itself has proven very beneficial because the attention of users is not drawn on lighting but on the subjects of the respective study.

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Light and Health
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