Accompanying the development of usable products

Quality is „Fit for Purpose“. We offer support in for vendors in all phases of the life cycle of product. The concept is based on the Deming Circle with the rationale behing it „Plan as good as possible, check the outcome and plan again, if necessary.“
graphic Deming Circle extended
Of course, all designers strive for adequately evaluating the requirements of customers and users of a product from the early beginning in order to fit the products to its purpose. To achieve this goal may be possible, but very unlikely. Trying to achieve a hole-in-one, is not the most successful design approach. In reality, most new products are successors of existing products. The new design may delete some or all weaknesses of the predecessor or add new features. To do so requires an evaluation of user requirements for the initial planning, checks during each step, and at the end, an evaluation of the success or failure of key features of the product.
graphic Deming Circle
Whether or not a product „fits its purpose“, will the market judge. But one can try to ensure that the verdict sounds pleasant by applying appropriate methods. Our experience suggests that the best method is accompanying a design process from the initial planning until the evaluation of the success of the product in the market. Testing a completed product does seldom help improving the quality of a product.
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