Purchasing equipment for satisfactory, efficient and effective work

We offer services for purchasers for selecting the appropriate equipment to be used effectively and efficiently and with satisfaction based international ergonomics standards - which we helped develop. The spectrum of our services covers activities from a simple one-day consultancy to the development of complex purchasing guidelines for multicorporate enterprises.
Technology moves quickly with new products apparently offering various benefits. However, the reality sometimes falls far short of the promise. Research shows that many systems fail because they do not take enough account of the way people and their organizations really work.

There is also an increasing volume of legislation and standards which make selecting new equipment a bit of a minefield. We help our organizations ensure that their investment in equipment is cost effective and that the new equipment meets appropriate national and international standards and is effective and efficient in the working environment.

Our ergonomics approach to equipment selection improves productivity and quality, reduces sickness and saves costly mistakes in equipment purchase. We use our knowledge of human capabilities to optimize the design and selection of office equipment and the working office environment.

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