Design and Usability Testing

We support industrial designers in all phases of the product life cycle - from mock-up to usability testing, and in addition, quality assurance through usability studies in real work environments. Our specialty is strong methodology on the basis of system ergonomics, usability engineering and user centred design.
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Our Institute has a history of more than 25 years of cooperation with designers from various countries. These activities have helped creating many successful products - successful because their development has been governed by the idea that the user is the measure of all things.

The products designed with our help cover various IT-products (e.g. computer mice, trackpads, keyboards, printers), high performance printing systems, office furniture (system furniture, office chairs, footrests) and lighting systems. Our studies have also helped improving the operational safety and efficiency of control centers of industrial plants, public transportation services and nuclear power plants.
We belong to the makers of the standard on the concept we use (s. ISO 9241-11, usability). The success of products developed following this concept and the correct prediction of the success during the development phase (e.g. we have predicted that the trackpad would outperform any other device including trackballs for the design of laptops before the first device had entered the market) verifies the validity of the method. Currently, the method is being adopted as an engineering method in wide areas of industry. (see also ... more)

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