Publication related activities of ERGONOMIC Institute

The ERGONOMIC Institute is involved in a variety of publication related activities. These include e.g. running a small publishing label, publishing scientific reports, books and other papers, and maintaining a number of informative websites. Dr. Çakir has been active for a scientific journal since 1982 as a member of the Editorial Board and from 1996 as the General Editor. Since January 2008, Dr. Çakir is the Editor-in-Chief of Behaviour and Information Technology. He has been a member of the editorial boards of many journals and has refereed numerous papers for publications and scientific conferences. Some of the activities of the Institute are briefly displayed below.

Behaviour & Information Technology (BIT)

Behaviour & Information Technology - An international journal on the human aspects of computing, Taylor & Francis, London
Member of the Editorial Board from 1982 (first issue)
"European Editor" since 1992
"General Editor" 1996 - 2007
"Editor-in-Chief" since 2008

Information on BIT ... more

Cyberlux - An Internetforum for Light and Lighting

Publisher und Author since 2000 (start) ... more

Tageslicht (Daylight)

Scientific and editorial consultant (since first issue ) ... more

Mensch und Büro (The Human Office)

Member of the Editorial Board of Mensch & Büro, Baden-Baden (1997 - 2003)
Member of the Editorial Board of Mensch & Büro, Heidelberg (2005 - ) ... more

Office Management

Member of the Editorial Board and Author of "Office Management", FBO-Verlag (1983-1996)

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