Appointments Dr.-Ing. Ahmet Cakir

Foto Dr. Cakir
Dr. Cakir has been appointed scientific consultant to various committees. The following list displays some of the important appointments:

EKIK - Enquete Commission (New Information- und Communication Technologies)

The task associated with this appointment in the year 1981 was the assessment of the impact of emerging technologies for information and communication on health and safety and adequate legal actions for avoiding detrimental influences.

Reactor Safety Commission (Commission Reactoroperation)

Dr. Çakir was appointed member to the Reactor Safety Commission by the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU - Bundesminister für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit) in the year 1989. The membership ended in the year 1998 by the Ministry Jürgen Trittin, who has dissolved the Commission.

Parliamentary Advisory Committee of Bundestag "PARLAKOM"

The PARLAKOM Project was initiated to prepare and perform the introduction of IT-technology in the German Parliament. Dr. Çakir was appointed consultant to this commission in the year 1986 and joined the work until 1989 when the relevant committee finished the introduction with an assessment of the results.

Technical Committee "Administration""

The German Federation of institutions for statutory accident insurance and prevention (HVBG) promotes the common interests of the BGs for trade and industry and represents their interests. One of the instruments for this work is the constitution and operation of technical committees that focus on a topic of common interest. Dr. Çakir was appointed expert member of the Technical Committee „Administration“ for the topic Information Processing in the year 1981. The membership ended in 1999 when the mode of operation of the committee was changed.

ICOH Scientific Committee "Work and Vision"

Dr. Cakir has joined this committtee of ICOH (International Commission on Occupational Health ... more) in the 2003. The main focus of the work lies on the impact of computerized work on vision.
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